Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pagan Girl Meets Christian Boy in French Class

     I've always told people whenever they ask how J and I met that J won me over in our French class with his ooh la la (which I always say using my sexiest French accent!), but the truth is that along with his animal magnetism (did I mention that he's a Scorpio?) and his undeniably rediculous sense of humor, he was smart as all get out, plus he had an entire repertoire of adventure stories, as he had by this time already made four trips to the Middle East; plus he had traveled around the Mediterranean area, and had even gone into Eastern Europe. What girl wouldn't get hooked?  Especially me! I was itching to travel the world, and anytime anyone told me about an overseas trip they'd been on I'd burn with envy! So this was a huge element of attraction for me! Now, when I looked at him I saw this "man about the world." Except for one thing--he was an Evangelical Christian, and I had by this time developed a rather strong dislike (interpret: hatred) of anyone who held to any Christian belief.  For him the problem was that I was more or less a practicing pagan (who was studying Buddhism on the side), and that I didn't really care all that much for Christians (I couldn't use the hate word to his face, now could I?). So we were doomed. Two star-crossed lovers never meant to be. I'd read my tarot cards and even consulted a psychic on the matter (who, by the way, told me that J would be absolutely no good, which I disregarded, as I thought she might have said that because he was a Christian, and I supposed she wasn't; but then, everybody always finds a way to disregard anything they don't want to hear, right?). Anyway, let me just say that we saw plenty of each other all during November and December, and then after Christmas he announces to me that seeing me anymore "just wouldn't be prudent." Those were his exact words! This man, who had told me how he virtually saved a woman, as she had roamed off alone (their group was on a sightseeing daytrip), from an Arab attacker who was on leave from the Jordanian Army, lurking about this castle, no less, fending him off as the man swung a long thick chain at him in one hand while wielding a knife in the other, and while the woman's husband was nearby watching (who, by the way, developed a bit of a dislike for J after this incident; though, really, what man can stand nearby watching another man save his wife and end up feeling bitter towards him? This, in my opinion requires a huge ego!). J managed to work his way down towards their bus to where the bus driver was able to witness the now attack on J and call the police who arrived in time to save J, and take the man away (he was charged and sentenced within days of this incident--talk about quick justice!), and make a hero out of J, who thankfully survived the whole affair! This man thought it wouldn't be prudent to see me anymore! After he had already re-ignited my imagination for adventure to exotic lands where danger in the guise of dark strangers lurked within castles walls, and where the good guys truly did save damsels in distress from being sexually ravaged (okay, this I probably picked up from having read all those sappy/trashy R- rated novels!) or saved them from certain death (see any Disney fairytale for this one)!  What was not prudent about seeing me? He never told me, exactly. I had to guess.